10W Laser Module Laser Head 450nm Blue Lase for Laser Engraving Machine Wood Marking Cutting Tool

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Features:Blue Laser Modual — Professional laser head with high speed and high stability. Bright blue-violet light, easy for locating when engraving.Adjustable Focuse — Adjustable laser head, easy to adjust, ensure engraving with good quality and high efficiency.Easy to Assemble — Small and compact, convenient and easy to install.10W Carving Material — Wood type, some plastics, paper, bamboo, horn, thin leather (wallet), rubber stamp, tooth, PU, Printing paper, PVC, horn, crab shell, lobster, mammoth, ivory, linden root, resin, spectacle lens, metal painted surface,those kinds of flammable materials. And colored ceramics, colored aluminum, pebbles, etc.10W Cutting Material — Within 2mm thick paper, leather, non-woven fabrics, flocking fabrics, aircraft wood, stickers, etc.

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