ACMER M1 Laser Engraver Roller for Cylindrical Objects with 360 Degrees Rotating Engraving Axis

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Product Description

Features:? Engraving Size: Cylinder diameter 4-138mm, can be adjusted in 4 levels. No installation, no adjustment, ready to use after unpacking.? Easy to Operate: ACMER rotary module has four different angles for easy cylinder adjustment, loosen the two knurled screws on both sides to operate, no screwdriver is required, provide a bracket for easy engraving.? Premium Quality: The roller made of One-piece rubber, hardness up to 60A and with 70A strong friction, and when carving can fix the object, and is not limited by the length of the object.? Strong Compatibility: Compatible with TEVOUP/XTOOL/ATOMSTACK/NEJE/Ortur/SCULPFUN/Twotrees, etc. and applicable to 95% of engraving machines on the market.? Equipped with 8 Raised Feet: 4 raised feet to facilitate raising the laser engraving machine to perfectly fit the rotation axis.

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