Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Module


Product Description

Features:40W Most Powerful So Far: Based on the latest FAC spot compression technology, 8 powerful 5.5W laser diodes are compressed to increase the laser power to 40W.Adjustable Light Beam: It can be used to adjust the light beam according to the engraving and cutting needs, making the work more refined.Mighty Engraving Ability: 40w laser power can cut 20mm wood, 30mm black acrylic, 0.15mm stainless steel plate with one pass.Triple Monitoring Systems: Airflow Monitoring – Indicates the current airflow volume. It enables you to adjust the airflow based on your engraving needs. Lens Monitoring – Built-in lens monitoring system will trigger an alarm when the lens is dirty enough, which helps avoid lens breakage and frequent replacement. And Flame Monitoring – When a flame is detected, the indicator will flash red with an alarm and the machine will stop immediately.Unlock Your Creativity: With Creality Falcon2 40w From DIY home projects to maker education, from jewelry customization to business signage, whatever you can think of, you can make with Falcon2 40W.

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