Metal Marking Engraving Machine Set With 20W Aluminum Alloy Marking Module and 5500MW Laser Module 100pcs Multicolor Aluminum Business Cards Supported GRBL

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Features:¡¾Metal Marking Laser Module¡¿With 1064nm infrared fiber laser,industrial grade optical sensor, dual optical lens, accurate focusing, low light loss, precise and fast laser focusing . With large size cooling fan for heat dissipation.It is the best choice for metal marking enthusiasts.¡¾Quality Matetrial¡¿Made of premium quality aluminum alloy casing with great durability.¡¾Wide Application¡¿Cancarveanyplastic(excludingtransparentplastic),anymetalandalloy,raremetal(gold,silver,titanium),metaloxide (aluminumoxidecarvingeffectis verygood),objectswithpaint(suchaspaintedglass,paintedwood,paintedpaperandothermaterialswithpaint),artificialPUleather;Can’tcarvetransparentmaterials,logs,rawbamboo,kraftpaper,othermaterialsbesidesthesecanbebasicallycarved.¡¾Fine Engraving Precise Positioning¡¿0.01-0.02mm ultra-long and ultra-fine infrared laser can display every detail of engraving and present pixelsThe laser module adopts infrared light positioning design, which can accurately locate the marking position without offset and good position.¡¾Adjustable Installation Position¡¿Metal Platefor adjusting the mounting height is included in the package. It allows the laser head to move up and down according to your installation height requirements.Note: The laser module is suitable for engraving and has no cutting function.

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