Meterk 19pcs Tool Set File Set


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Features:¡¾19 PCS File Set¡¿The 19 pcs set includes flat, half-round, round and triangular 4 large files, and 14 needle files. They are flush head flat file*2/pointed flat file*2/triangular file*2/square file*2/round file*1/semicircular file1/elliptical*1/double semicircular file1 /single triangle*1/ knife type*1. The complete kinds can meet your different needs. Besides, we provide a steel brush which can help you clean the scraps¡¾Ergonomics Handle Design¡¿Ergonomic handle improves grip comfort, reduces fatigue and improves accuracy. Threads are added to the rubber handle for the reason of increasing contact friction, to ensure that the file does not slip off during use. And the handle’s inner reduces pore size to ensure tight connection with the file’s body.¡¾Great Tool for DIY¡¿This file set can be used for refining, reshaping, removing and scraping items. Widely application in shaping wood, metal, jewelry, mirror, glass, tile, ceramics, leather and plastic, even if on small surfaces and tight areas.¡¾T12 Alloy Steel Material¡¿ 4 Large files are made of T12 Alloy Steel, and the 14 needle files are made of GCR15 bearing steel, and the file body hardness reaches 63~66 HRC which makes long-lasting cutting and filing performance. The Uniform pitch of teeth and fine textures can increase the grinding effect and save more efforts.¡¾Portable Carrying Case¡¿All files are in corresponding places with Elastic ring to avoid moving around and scraping, equipped with hanging rope for easy storage and carrying. Perfect for carpenters and DIY enthusiasts.

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