TOTEM S 40W Desktop Laser Engraver High Precision Laser Fast Engraving Machine

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Product Description

Features:[300*300mm Engraving Range] Large carving area, no limit of carving height, so you can carve as you like.[Lifting Platform X-axis Belt Adjustment Design] The upgraded lifting device and X-axis belt design are convenient for moving up and down (0~40mm) and better control of carving accuracy.[Bracket Support] Anti-slip foot pad design, more stable body, and free your hands at the same time.[5.5W Laser Module] 5.5W laser module with heat sink, high-efficiency laser engraving.[Motor Integrated Drive Module] Modular design, more stable performance, and the three stepper motor drivers can provide faster moving speed, completing high efficiency engraving.[Fixed Focus Laser] Adopting spot compression and aggregation technology, which makes the energy of light source more concentrated, high accuracy high efficiency.[Engraving Mode] Photo, text, scanning, outline, pixel laser engraving.[Professional Software Control] Benbox, GrblController, LiteFire, Laser GRBL, etc.[Support Engraving Multiple Materials] Stainless steel, aluminum material, plastic, ceramics, wood, bamboo, paper, leather, rubber, sponge paper, etc. (NOT support engraving metal, stone, glass, reflective or transparent materials.)

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